Monday, September 30, 2013

More Sock Dolls

One of the things I've been doing lately is going on a doll-making binge, mostly sock dolls. I've been having fun trying out different colors, playing with hair-types, and testing new dress-making techniques.

I'm not sure what the yarn used for the hair is called. It's used in making those fuzzy scarves people like and was leftover from someone else's knitting project.

Turns out it makes fabulously fun doll hair.

Party Girl here is made out of baby socks; they're the perfect size for fun little dolls.

Sweetheart here is made out of toddler ankle socks (which were surprisingly hard to find), and her dress is sewn based on a modified doll pattern. I've actually made a couple of extras for her.

Braiding the yarn and then pouring hot water over it and leaving it to dry for a couple of days leads a a nice, crinkly hair style. Theoretically, someone in a hurry could achieve the same effect by braiding the hair and then baking it in the oven on low, but my sister reports that black acrylic yarn turns a nice greenish-brown in the oven, so I don't advise it.

The same basic technique is used for ringlets: Wind the yarn or embroidery floss around a knitting needle, wet it, and let it dry and sit for several days.

The buddies are made out of adult-sized ankle socks. Red Rover is a pair of women's socks and Black Bunny men's. The faces are minimally sculpted using thread; the bunny has sculpted rather than button eyes so that a younger child could play with him.


  1. Your nephew loves playing with his version of Black Bunny. His is gray, as you probably remember, and it doesn't have a name yet since he isn't articulate enough to name him.
    - Rachel

    1. I'm glad he enjoys his bunny.

      Black Bunny is only a temporary name, anyway, until he goes to his real home & finds his true name.