Monday, September 30, 2013

The Green Lady (another doll)

I also finally finished up the green lady here. I made her because the green cloth, found as a remnant on sale, was waaaay to much fun to ignore, but then I messed up and had to remake the dress, so she sat for a while while I got up the gumption to try again.

She and her dress are made using the fashion doll pattern in Dolls, Puppdolls, and Teddy Bears, except that I wanted a fuller skirt so I folded it up and sewed the doubled skirt in rather than making a hem. Also, of course, I played around with the hair to get the look I wanted. That's the nice thing about dolls: You can use a basic pattern and do all sorts of different things.

Incidentally, Worrell's book is pretty much the only doll pattern book I'll use. My mom taught me using it, and since then, every other book I look at has too many pieces. Worrell uses darts to shape the doll body and face. Everyone else has a separate piece that needs to be sewn just so to get the same effect.

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