Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hour Before Morning--Kickstarter

Remember back when I interviewed Arwen Spicer about her movie The Hour before Morning (You can click the nice link if you don't)? We had a nice chat about filming in quarries, various sources of inspiration, and the plot.

In a nutshell, The Hour Before Morning focuses on the struggles of three prisoners Elek, Jenchae, and Meravyn. "On board a spaceship taking them to their deaths, they have only the length of the flight to make sense of their lives, if they can. Their story takes place against a backdrop of struggle between the Ashtorian conquerors and the Sama people who resent being forcibly “civilized” and want their worlds back. There is a deep hatred between the two peoples and a long history of struggle in which the questions of right and wrong are not easy to answer."

The Hour Before Morning is on Kickstarter where, Arwen says, the movie

has raised $1278 on Kickstarter! Can you help us get all the way to $5000 by July 7th? We have a wide range of rewards for contributors, including a copy of the novel, the movie, and credit in the film, among others.

Contributing is easy. Just click "Back this project" and check out through We need to raise the full amount to get a penny of the funding, so please help us get there if you can.

Check out our Kickstart page here

Please spread the word! And thanks in advance for helping us out with this movie. It's been a labor of love for all of us!

Find out more about it and see images, trailers, and clips on the Hour Before Morning Facebook page.

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