Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The new trailer for The Hobbit plus a little ramble on the first movie

Is up! And I'm happy!

I wasn't sure what I'd think of The Hobbit as an epic. I mean, I like my nice, quiet, rambly little book. I'm the one who swore she'd take her copy under the bed and hide with it until the first movie was over, lest the contaminates leaked out and spoiled a good memory.

But I finally gave in and watched it, on DVD, and I liked it.

The movie is really more the dwarves' view of it, you know? From Bilbo's perspective, it's a mingled nuisance--adventures are "nasty uncomfortable things, make you late for dinner!" after all. He is, of course, ultimately a hero himself in a quiet sort of way, but it's never an epic for him.

For the dwarves, though,it is a reclaiming of home, and I can enjoy PJ's movie on those terms.

At least (she says cautiously), I enjoyed the first one that way.

I'm still going to grumble about the barrel ride apparently including a sword fight, but I expect I'll like the dragon.

End of ramble!

*Watches trailer again.

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