Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still Writing...

for The Broken Hourglass and am enjoying it immensely.

I'm at about the mid-point in the latest quest I'm working on, and I am happy to report that one of the characters just did something unexpected. She was mildly exasperating, actually--supposed to have one attitude but displayed another instead (as a matter of fact, characters do tend to be mildly exasperating when they first take off)--but it's still handy to have her come to life. After days of one-key-after-another-typing, it's fun to have someone write herself. Hopefully, the writing will go much faster now!

Oh, and jcompton just let me know that there is another character who has to show up--someone who appears in one of the short stories (No, I won't tell you who, for one thing, I don't actually know, yet). That should help fill up one of the blank spaces on the map. I had an idea for it, but a fully realized character will fit better than my old idea, and should round out the quest nicely.

Also, Qwinn (he of the Planescape: Torment mods), who is coding just reminded me, I owe him a few lines for the last one. Characters have to have something to say when they are not part of any quest in particular and are just walking around being backgroudn scenery. I tend to forget that when I'm focused on getting from point A to point B. Thank goodness Qwinn is a careful reader as well as coder!

Whew! Ok, see, this is why I don't write about writing for The Broken Hourglass much--I can't give away plot points, so the whole thing ends up sounding reaaaaally vauge & dull. But it is something I'm doing, and something I love doing, so I still want to burble about it from time to time. So, now I've burbled!

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