Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

There is a movie coming out soon--from all accounts, it will probably be an extremely good, very well made movie. There's lots of lovingly done stop-motion animation & it's being funded by someone rich enough not to need it to make an instant, insanely large profit, and sensible enough to know it.

But I don't have a countdown in the sidebar the way I did for The Graveyard Book (which just won the Newberry Award), and I'm probably not going to go to see the movie Coraline, myself, because:

Coraline is an extremely well-written, very creepy little book. In fact, I think it gets creepier each time I read it.

It's also a gem of a book, and I love it.

So I'm scared to even try the movie.

Either it will get the subtle, horrible creepiness right, in which case I will probably crawl under the theater seats and never come out, or it will miss the point entirely and I will be incensed.

I do, however, heartily recommend the book.

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