Friday, November 21, 2008

A Quick Blurby Blog

Well, I was planning a nice, chatty blog about listening again to The Dread Waltz, which Kat Bella wrote for the Mage Trio, and how happy I was when I first heard it, it made the mod seem more real, and it is exactly what I wanted, and about having a new quest to work on for The Broken Hourglass and how I've finally broken through that awful frozen bit where I have nothing written and have to actually start, and how one or two characters did something unexpected in today's bit, which is always fun and exciting and really helps get things going, and about how I wish there were some air in our air, but there is not because all those houses burned (far enough away from us that we were never even remotely in danger, but not so far away that we can escape the smoke), so today in particular the sky is full of some sort of chemical soup that makes breathing a chore and walking slightly sickening, and my brain cells keep wanting to curl up under the covers and go to sleep and have to get rousted out, and I was thinking about talking about Doctor Who as well--the old black and white, first Doctor stories--but it's kind of late, and I'm kind of tired, and I'm going to be heading off to LA tomorrow to watch The Importance of Being Earnest, which I love and want to be awake for, so I won't blog about those things at all.

Instead, I'll stick one long, sprawly sentence in up there for everyone to read and go to bed.

Good night!

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