Saturday, November 22, 2008

An added note

Since an effort to substitute caffeine for oxygen this afternoon has (predictably) backfired, and I'm still awake, I'll add a bit about music I meant to write in earlier: One of the advantages to writing for The Broken Hourglass is that I get to listen to the music. In fact, I often listen while I write. It fits the game perfectly--epic, eastern, and often haunting--and is also worth listening to on its own. There's a brief clip up, together with an interview with Rob Howard, here, though he seems to have moved his website (the link in there used to work, but did not today); he does have another (newer?) blog up over here. I haven't looked at it much, though, just checked to see if he mentions TBH at all, as a sort of insurance against linking to the wrong guy.


  1. Yes, you have the right guy! Thanks for much for the kind words about the music. That was a very rich period of my life and I can't wait to finally see the final product when it comes together.


    My experiences with The Broken Hourglass inspired me to get involved with the video game industry in a larger way, and I'm attending The Guildhall @ Southern Methodist University, which is a master's program for game industry folk (I am studying Level Design there).

    As such, I no longer have time to accept free lance music and sound gigs, hence the expiring of the old website. The blog you found is my personal one.

  2. And now (holy crap, I'm commenting on this post in July 2010!?!?) that blog is shut down. I'm blogless! Actually, no, I have something up here:

  3. Looks like Rob Howard and feilong80 are the same person??