Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Silliness

I seem to have a split personality. According to o'Faust, I there is a "moderate" resemblance between my writing in this blog and that of Oscar Wilde, Frank Baum, Edgar Allan Poe, and Lewis Caroll, results depending on how much text I paste in, and the resemblance never going higher than 30%. I'm semi-tempted to give it yet more to see what else it pulls up, but really do need to get ready for the Book Arts class and tearing down the Reading Room.


  1. Let's see... I pasted in 5 of my blog posts. My results were 19% Carroll, 18% HG Wells, and 32%, 28%, and 19% Poe. When I pasted in all of the entries at once (rather than individually), I got 21% Poe.

  2. I tried (briefly) to figure out what it was doing. It highlights words and phrases that sound like the author in question.

    Speaking of seaweed seemed to push me Poe-ward.