Thursday, November 20, 2008


According to GenderAnalyzer, there is a 66% probability that this blog is being written by a man.

Should I use more exclamations or question marks? Or should I discuss pink more enthusiastically? Or should I settle down and get back to work on The Broken Hourglass?

Edit: Adding those question marks just pushed the probability up to 67%. Did the % offset the ? What are they using in their estimations anyway?

Edit2: And throwing in the names of the male authors--see above post--raised the likelihood of this being by a man to 69%.


  1. I thinks there's an 85% chance my blog is written by a man. :o

  2. Yeah. I wrote to them to ask what criteria they were using, since it has this skew toward "written by a man."

  3. I'm not surprised I have a (stereotypically) male writing style, since I'm an engineer, which is a (stereotypically) male profession.

  4. So what is their excuse for everyone else?