Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Building a Book (Stage 1)

Step One: Find a doll washed ashore on the beach.
Step Two: Take lots of pictures.
Step Three: Decide to feature her as part of a Found Object Book. Sort through pictures again.
Step Four: Conclude that seaweed is essential to the process. Bike to the beach and collect some part of a huge mound lying there waiting. Pack it in a plastic bag, inside an old backpack.
Step Five: Hang it on the line to dry. Duck back and forth for things, getting thoroughly seaweedy in the process.
Step Six (optional): Rush off to class, realizing on the way there that the seaweed smell has well and truly stuck. Discover that someone is needed to gallery sit and stay late, still smelling of seaweed.

Still to come: Attempting to make paper with some of the seaweed.

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