Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Bits

1) I have a cold & therefore no brainpower.

2) I'm meant to be walking the dog but some machine keeps phoning us and beeping; I do not want the answering machine full of beeps, so I'm here with the phone off the hook in hopes that if no one answers, the machine will get tired of calling us and go bother someone else.

3) I just finished coding the second most frustrating script set for the Mage Trio. It did not look like a difficult bit, but it crashed the game each and every time, and I had to block out every single line of the scripts and dialog, one line at a time, and reload the mod to see if I had fixed it before I found the error. It wasn't just that it was in the last line I checked; it was in the last line left to check.

4) I'm very happy now that it is fixed and

5) Even happier because the person making the Spooky Wood for the Trio has finished, and it is gorgeous. I'd post a screen shot for you but a) I suspect it won't mean much to non-game players, and b) I'm saving it for the game itself.

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