Monday, March 10, 2008

Confessions of a Library Addict

We're getting to midterm time in the photography class, so today was a lab day--time to print and mat pictures.

For me, this ended up meaning I got out early, in time to wander around the Shipley Nature Center and to make a visit to the library where I desperately needed to turn in some of the books that have been piled on my floor the last couple of weeks (no room in the library bag).

I was not going to check out any more books; there were plenty left unread in the house.

Except, I might as well pick up a couple more Smithsonians. They aren't books, after all.

Oh, and what was the name of that book I was looking at the other day in the store? Oh, yes, Runemarks. I should check to see if that's in (yes).

And, I can hardly go to the library without stopping to see what new science fiction has come in since I last visited.

Also, I never stop by without looking at the new nonfiction (A history of cleanliness? Sounds interesting. A true history of Disneyland? Maybe.... no, on second thought, I don't really want to know).

Oh, and I really should check to see if Carola Dunn has written anything since I last looked (Yes, but it's out), and is Seeing Redd in? (Not yet). And, oh! Dragonhaven is out already. And...

All things considered, I think I was very restrained.


  1. I _miss_ having a large library readily accessible! The PCS library is okay - the advantage of its small size is that I'm revisiting Great Expectations for the first time since I read it in 10th grade - but we don't have any new books.

  2. Life without new books? *Shudders*

    Sure, old favorites have their place, but I need my library!!