Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reverend Cathie

The Reverend Cathie gave her first sermon as the Reverend Cathie today.

It was a good sermon (as usual).

I was at her ordination yesterday, and wow! It's the first Anglican ordination I've been too. It was the first Anglican ordination I've been to, and so the first time I've been able to see & feel that the apostolic succession really does mean something.

It was an amazing service, too. They managed to blend all three service types (traditional, contemporary, and charismatic), and even throw in a small amount of Latin. And it was one of those times when God is quite definitely and apparently there.

And the sanctuary was packed. Mom & I got there ten minutes early, and we almost couldn't find a parking place.

I'm still getting used to being part of an Ugandan diocese, though.

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