Monday, October 14, 2013

Today is National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day

It is not, you will note, national insect day.

It is national chocolate covered insect day.

Now go celebrate it!

You note the day's title says nothing about eating the things. You just have to celebrate them.

If you want to celebrate by eating, there are recipes for you.

1) How to Make Chocolate Covered Insects is a nice, general EHow tutorial.

Step one:
Place mealworms, crickets or grasshoppers in the colander and cover with a screen or a large strainer to prevent insects from escaping. Rinse thoroughly and drain.

And so it goes down to the actual covering in chocolate and eating part.

2) Chocolate Covered Crispies--from ASU. This one features bees!

3) Chocolate Covered Ants On which starts with the practical advice "avoid red ants, too spicy"

And, yes, I'm wavering between "horrified" and "fascinated" here myself. I may or may not try any of these. If you do--let me know!

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