Friday, October 11, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland--Down the Rabbit Hole Not Quite a Review

I quite liked it. It has:

1) An Evil Queen (the Red Queen) who gets her fashion tips from the same place Regina (Once Upon a Time) got hers.
2) A knave of hearts with adorable accent
3) A rescuer (of sorts) who stands with his arms folded while Alice fights her way out of the asylum.
4) A marshmallow swamp. Gotta love a show that combines true love and a marshmallow swamp.
5) A rabbit with purple eyes.
6) Did I mention the marshmallow swamp? It has fire-breathing dragonflies, and Alice stops to have a conversation there. It's really gooey. Her planning skills are probably a bit rusty after the whole insane-asylum thing, but don't worry--she gets out.

Til next week!

Currently, Down the Rabbit Hole is up on hulu and on ABC for free & will be for the next few weeks, if they keep to their usual schedule. I usually find Hulu has fewer hiccups than the ABC version, but either way, have fun!

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