Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Final Crisis by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones (Illustrator), Doug Mahnke (Illustrator), Jay Babcock (Introduction)

This is not really a review, more a puzzled musing.

I'm not having any luck with JLA comics. So far, every single TPB I've picked up has featured not only the entire massive team but also all their alternates from every possible universe.

This one is no exception: Final Crisis, has more than the JLA (My brother read this over my shoulder and repeatedly reminded me, "It's not a JLA comic; it's a crisis crossover." I agreed to pass that news on, for whatever it's worth).

What is the story? Well, um--Darkseid decides to take over the multiverse with a form of "anti-life" that basically makes everyone him. There are Monitors trying to take care of the "purity" of everything, a cosmic vampire-thing trying to eat all life, and a whole lot of superheroes of all sorts. There's an unnumbered quantity of "ultimate" this and thats running around. Various boundaries get broken, assorted family members and loads of characters I didn't recognize show up. People get killed. Things happen.

I enjoyed it, in a way, just letting the story happen and surfing along through the madness, but it's certainly no story for beginners!

No other JLA I've picked up has been as interesting, or as puzzling, but they've all packed in just about every possible character possible and then some, usually without any sort of intro, and generally including alter-egos, family members, and alternates.

So, gentle readers, should I ever get my act together and decide to approach the Justice League in an organized fashion rather than going by title, author, or book-on-the-shelf, what should I pick? Which books actually attempt to stick to a somewhat manageable team level? Bonus points if they actually introduce the character somewhere before the story starts.

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