Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Review: Fables: Werewoles of the Heartlands by Bill Wilingham (Author), Craig Hamilton (Illustrator), Jim Fern (Illustrator)

This is outside of the Fables main plot, for the most part, and I'm glad this is far from the first Fables book I picked up. I love the series in general (see the understatement there? See?) but this one--eh.

Bigby is looking for a new home for the Fables, traveling through the Midwest. Along the way, he stops at a town full of werewolves, and they both want to worship him and to kill him. There's a certain amount of backstory here and hints that it will tie into the main story later, but on its own, it's a fairly generic fight story. Honestly, it reminded me of Wolverine in his more incomprehensible honorable modes than anything else, and Bigby usually doesn't (No dead girlfriends, for one thing). It's just lots of fighting and "you're not worthy to be a wolf"-ing, and some explosions, and the undoing of a rather good short story included elsewhere.

There's some plotting and counter-plotting going on in the town itself, but all the fighting ends up rendering everyone's plans moot, and I knew too little about any of the characters to really care which side came out on top anyway.

This is a shame because under ordinary circumstances Bigby is one of my favorite characters, and I was super-excited about the book that featured him. I was hoping for more detective work, as in Legends in Exile, or more of his history, perhaps.

Willinham does include an essay about his real visit to the real Story City at the end, and I enjoyed that. Verdict? Check this one out from the library, read the essay, and politely return the book. Then read, or reread, the Fables proper.

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