Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Link List: Glowing Millipedes and Efficiently Dunked Oreos

1) Glowing Millipedes Found on Alcatraz". Apparently, California is the only place to possess millipedes that "are bioluminescent, meaning they produce their own light. . . These species, in the same family as the Bay Area millipede, make a beautiful white light that is actually quite bright." It's good to be famous for something, I suppose.

I'm also impressed by the scientist who collected some and "On a recent trip, Rowland collected several of these glowing millipedes and brought them back to his hotel room, putting them on his bed. "I cut out the light, and once you do, the animals emit a bright, neon, white light," he said. "They go around tapping their antennae until they get to an obstacle, like when I pushed my covers up into a hump, until they find a way around. It's spectacular. It sure beats any TV program you could have on at night." That is devotion!

2) Jumbo Squid on camera. I'm particularly taken by this bit of information: "Attaching a quart-sized device with a camera and sensors to a squid presents some technical problems. The trick is to find a big enough squid and fix the Crittercam onto a child's bathing suit so that it can be slipped over the creature's fins like a spandex sleeve." Simple, elegant, and matter-of-fact.

3)Bees may use electricity to communicate". They build up a charge while they fly, and they may use it to exchange information. Not only do they dance and see infrared, they sense electricity.

4) The best way to dunk an Oreo? Design the perfect Oreo-dunking cup, of course!

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