Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Talbert Park, Huntington Beach

Talbert Park and Langenbeck Park are, in many ways, two halves of one park. In fact, if Magnolia did not provide a rather considerable interruption, there would be no reason to say They were two different parks.

They share the same long, straight stretch of power line, the same definite hum, and the same curving path under the trees. Also, with the  nearby shopping center providing a nearby crosswalk, it's not too bad getting from one to the other, a definite plus for those who want to get their daily jog or walk in without having to stick to city streets.

Trees: Yes, including some rather pretty ones with nice, large, pink flowers (see above). Lake Park has a big one, but they don't seem too common.

It looked like there were maybe one or two different plantings of trees, as well, which always adds to the beauty, letting the trees be different sizes. Also, there are a couple that have been allowed to gain character.

One big one has a good spread of low-lying branches at crazy angles. It looks like it might be worth sitting under for a while.
Critter count: This surprised me. There were a whole lot more birds here than in Langenbeck, and all I had done was cross the road--and I noticed the difference crossing back, too. However, the Talbert Park website mentions that Talbert Channel is nearby, and that may explain matters. Both birds and bugs are going to be happier with water nearby. I wonder, though, is Talbert Channel like Talbert Lake, a come-and-go matter? This year, it would be all "go," water-wise,but there may not be any water at all, some years, if it's like many of our creeks/lakes/channels.

Bathrooms: I didn't see any.

Water fountains: I didn't see any.

Playgrounds: Yes. The standard setup with the yellow slide, red ladders, swings. Comes in two sizes, too, so it's great for all ages. Don't bring any little ones who are potty-training, though (see above on bathrooms).

Sports stuff: Yes. Talbert Park actually spreads out later on, merging with a school area, and has some big, flat areas for soccer etc. You'll have to check just what, though, as I forget. The sports equipment is not really high on my list of priorities, I'm afraid.

Parking: On the street--not on Magnolia, though.

Will you be able to forget you are in a city? No. See humming power lines. Is it a Good Thing to Have? Yes. Definitely. Parks are always good!

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