Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drew Park: Notes

Good-sized. Nice, curved pathway running through.

Trees of character: No. I suspect this of being a relatively recent park because, with the exception of a stand of evergreens at one end, the trees are all young. At most, two plantings worth in there.

Critter quotient: I went too late in the day to do any sort of decent count. IT was also cloudy, which sends quite a few of the small sort into hiding.

Has a small basketball court which was in use. Swings, a variation on the standard yellow-and-red set (monkey bars and a different sort of ladder), only for the bigger kids, no preschool version in sight.

No bathrooms, no drinking fountain.

Picnic tables. It was, as I said, overcast the day I was there, but I'd be surprised if the shade on those little trees ever reached the tables. Give it a year or five, and there should be enough shade to keep everyone happy.

Not a remarkable place, but a pleasant one, and I'd guess the neighborhood is glad of it.

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