Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sound of Books Going into Boxes, also Thoughts on Gardening Books

Sorry about the long silence! It may last for a while longer yet.

You  may fill it, if you wish, with the sound of books going into boxes, irritated mutterings about trying to get tmn all to fit and why can't publishers agree on what size a "book" should be, and various incoherent, semi-philosophical thoughts about what does and does not get kept when a person moves.

Also, I have been reading a lot of gardening books (New place, new garden, don't you know?), and my, but they are bossy! The traditional ones are ordering me to "Make sure the style of your garden matches the style of your house!" The native garden ones are less concerned with looks and more worried that I  might by seeds from more than fifty miles away from my location, though at least one graciously gave me permission to buy them from anywhere in-state, as long as the climate was similar.

So far, the most sensible and enjoyable books have been The Kitchen Garden by Silvia Thomson (Both practical and poetic, and not bossy) and Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting, and Root by Thomas de Baggio.

Signing off to go look for more boxes!

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  1. Liquor stores! Liquor stores is my advice to you. Liquor stores have tons of boxes. That's how I managed to get my boxes for books the last time I moved, and it was much more effective even than buying a ton of cardboard boxes from the interwebs. (That was a mess.)