Saturday, October 15, 2011

Butterflies at the Shipley Nature Center

A Gulf fritillary rests for a moment.
A dusky wing stopping for an instant.

A showy Red admiral opens its wings.

A monarch butterfly sits just long enough to be photographed.

The Shipley Nature Center was full of butterflies, lots and lots and lots of butterflies of all kinds flew at one another and dodged around dragonflies (The monarchs, at least, seemed to be troubled by the dragonflies sharing their airspace, and visa versa). They seldom stayed put, however, making catching them on camera more of a challenge than usual, and, in fact, there were at least three other kinds around that I never did get pictures of, and probably more that I never even saw, at least, not properly.

Which, I suppose, makes this as much about "the one that got away" as about the ones I "caught." And, in case you were wondering: I had a marvelous time. I love chasing butterflies, and dragonflies, and squirrels, and lizards, and hawks, and....

It does, also, make me think again about starting a proper butterfly garden. They were all over, but the biggest cluster really was around the area the Nature Center had helpfully labeled "Butterfly garden," so I guess it might really be worth it to cram in a few more, select plants (Like I need encouragement to put more in. It's more figuring out the space that is the problem).

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