Wednesday, January 12, 2011

V: Serpent's Tooth, a Review


V finally came back. Given the phenomenally long break between one half of the season and the next, I wasn't too surprised to find that I'd missed the premiere episode.  I was surprised to find that ABC has, without announcing it at all, stopped putting full episodes online, so I couldn't catch up, but, not to worry. I figured I'd catch up with Serpent's Tooth and, hopefully, find it more gripping than last time (I never did watch the last few episodes. IIRC I petered out after Heretic's Fork). Also, Jane Badler was on, and I did want to see her again.

Cue a confused plot, cliched dialog, and mild boredom.

Confused plot: Random examples: I was paying attention, and I still don't know how we went from everyone sneaking around in the warehouse to the whole FBI descending and both our double agents denying ever having been there. I have no idea why our intrepid foursome who have accomplished nothing whatsoever on the stopping-V front think they'll be able to co-opt the services of a highly-organized, highly-effective, much larger group capable of blowing up 29 healing centers simultaneously. I get that Our Heroes can't be Icky Terrorists (Except for scowl-guy (Hobbes?) who is our token Moral Grey Area), but do they have to be downright stupid about it? What is Erica planning on doing--looking earnestly at them until they agree to stop blowing things up? Why, if Anna can contact Ryan, can't she just catch him, probe his memories, and find the other three people who are, inexplicably, so important to her.

And Erica.. I had such high hopes for Erica when I first watched. And here she, the trained FBI agent, does not even notice when her "ally" picks up a massive paperback book and tucks it into the back of his super-tight jeans (which, of course, is exactly what a trained mercenary would do with something he wanted to hide).

Oh, and then there is dialog. TV shows generally don't do well when they get to talking about souls, but this was even worse than usual--terribly, terribly stale and cliche ridden.

How many members of the little band have divided loyalty now? Let's see.... There's Chad, Ryan, and scowl-guy. From a summary, it seems that new scientist-guy isn't too thrilled about being co-opted, either. Three out of--what, five? Six?  The human race is doomed.

You know, I think I'm through.

I'll stick with the original--Yes, I know exactly how bad the original TV series got. It's still better than this.

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