Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Broken Hourglass: Weaponry

Whew! Finally got that initial proofreading done! Yay!

So now it's on to weaponry.  I started Warriors' Weapons by Walter Beuhr this afternoon, and I have a couple of books on hold at the library, thanks to people's suggestions. Hopefully, that will give me the information I need to add a few useful magical weapons to the arsenal.

To clarify a bit on my last post: The base weapons and their damage stats & all are already in game. Someone else took care of that Back in the Beginning.  We need a few more special weapons though, plus a few descriptions need elaborating.

So--it's time for me to figure out what the difference between a glaive and a poleaxe is and why it maters.

Somewhat beside the point, but the bit about copper mining in Bronze-Age Tyrol was quite fascinating, and I was interested in the "Drop water onto stone" method the Stone Age weapon crafters apparently used to make holes in their axes etc for the purpose of fastening them to wooden hafts.

Will this be of use in game?  Who knows? There are ancient mummies running around in a couple of places. Anyway, right now I'm just doing some hasty base-research. Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you know of any  other really fascinating, irresistible books on medieval weaponry, let me know.


  1. Are these mummies perchance trying to keep their rowdy children in line? Or are these more the 'get out of my tomb' variety of mummies :P? Also, it's good to hear that your proofreading is done, I can imagine that working through such a buttload of text and finally finishing feels like a great accomplishment :D. Here's to hoping that TBH sees a release this year.

  2. The mummies will all chase kids, given the chance!