Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Note on the Enchanted Glass Audio Book

I know--I just read Enchanted Glass. But, I like being read to, and it was available at the library, so I listened.

1) Steven Crossley reads well.

2) There are two or three points where a couple of words get repeated. Not bad, but I noticed, so I'm mentioning it.

3) Like House of Many Ways, it is recorded as one gigantic track, in this case over 8 hours. This caused problems as I lost my place more than the usual number of times--twice because I wanted to listen to some of my music, twice because I plugged the device into the computer, and at least once more for no particular reason that I could figure.  My brother somewhat smugly informed me that on an iPod this wouldn't be a problem because there are markers in a track, but I neither have nor want such a creature. The book I'm listening to next has hour long tracks--still longer than I like. Should I complain when such wonders are available? I always wonder...

Overall, I enjoyed listening,and it is always best to have a familiar book playing while driving, so having just read it was helpful.

Note on the book as a whole: Much as I love it, the revelation about Aiden's real father is always a bit of a a disappointment.

Edit: I'm starting to think that the "super long audio track" problem with Enchanted Glass and House of Many Ways may be because I downloaded it from NetLibrary. NetLibrary seems to specialize in dumping books into one, huge track. Other sources may not do this, so you may be safe if you get it through another online library or purchase it.


  1. What is with the long long tracks? I don't really listen to audiobooks, and a huge part of that is how frequently I lose my place. :p

  2. Yes--that is my question. Don't the people who make these things realize that a track functions as a bookmark?