Monday, August 23, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: These are the people in your neighborhood

I thought this time I'd give you a couple of character sketches for today's entry. This may or may not become a regular practice.  Characters featured in the "neighborhood" posts are non-joinables of varying degrees of importance.  So, for today, here are two--one from inside the law, one from out.

When the world went mad on Wasteland Day, Zeriya kept her head. She also kept her people together, working to make sure they and their families had food and felt as safe as anyone could in the city. With their loyalty ensured, she was able to move in on the nearby, smaller gangs, taking them over one by one, parlaying a minor counterfeiting gang into a major power. Now she is the head of the largest gang in Mal Nassrin, the first Fey to reach such prominence.

She has two goals: To keep her new-found power and to be remembered.

You may need her help some day, so don't call her crazy.

And at the other end of the spectrum, there is:

Leonika had just recently been transferred to Mal Nassrin. Officially, it was a promotion.  Unofficially?  No one wants to go to Mal Nassrin. It's a dead end, a place where nothing ever happens, and the guard knows this. Leonika had just started working on the lax discipline she found at her new assignment when the Umbrella went up. Now, she has her hands full.

Morale is at an all-time low. The city council is not communicating. Half her troops are outside the of the barrier, and the other half have deserted or died in the chaos. She doesn't have much patience with interruptions, so choose your words with care.


  1. I noticed some of the characters seem to be wearing eyeliner and other make up. Will players be able to become Mary Kay Independent Beauty consultants to earn extra coins?

  2. I'm afraid there is nothing like that amount of control over appearance.

    Pity. It could be fun.