Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gardening--Global Buckets and Tomatoes

One of the houses I pass when out walking has a tiny yard, but the owners have made the most of it. The steps up to the doorway are lined with buckets full of gorgeous tomato plants. I've admired them for weeks now--I can grow tomatoes in our raised bed, but any attempts to grow them in pots has led to scraggly, stunted plants with stunted tomatoes.  It drives me bats!

Anyway, last week, the house owner was there, and she not only gave me a couple of the tomatoes (yum!) but told me that she was using the method described at It's a promising-looking technique that should help keep the tomatoes regularly and evenly watered. I do wish that the brothers had written out their instructions rather than putting them solely on a video, but that is a minor quibble.  I'm definitely going to try their method next year.

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