Friday, July 2, 2010

Diana Wynne Jones Week--Dogsbody

The list of books you should read that week? Add Dogsbody to the list. I forgot that when I was making my initial set of recommendations. I'm not sure why. It has gods, dogs, a love story, some fairy tales, and a mystery story.

Short summary: The ruler of the star Sirius is tried as a murderer and sentenced to live his life on earth in the body of a dog; there he will die the death of a dog, unless he can find something called a "zoi." The problem is, as a dog, he barely remembers that there is such a thing as a zoi, much less where it is or how to find it. He also really needs to figure out who framed him for murder and what he is going to do about it. Earth is helping him, but she has secrets of her own.

You know, the only problem with this whole Diana Wynne Jones week is that I am starting to want to read her books now rather than waiting til the week properly starts.


  1. Read them now! And then just review them in August - that's what I'm doing. I'm revisiting The Tough Guide to Fantasyland for the first time in years, and it's cracking me up. :)

    And yay for Dogsbody! I love Sirius, and poor little Kathleen, and I liked it that the ending was a bit sad.