Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Rosey Goodness

The garden has started to fill with roses again. On a recent expedition to trim off the blown flowers, I ended up with three bowls full of flowers and decided to make rose beads. There were still lots of roses left, and more coming, so I searched the web for recipes. The Rose Water or Orange Blossom Pancakes, made from the water leftover from bead-making turned out very well.

The recipe that had me most interested, though, was the Rose Petal Bread which I finally made today. Mostly made--I used some whole wheat flour & cut down on the butter and eggs; it would be a much softer bread with the full amount of butter and with white flour, but much less nutritious. In any case, it's delicious.

The bread dough rose nicely.

See the lovely little flecks in there? Rosemary, rose petal (red and orange), and raisins. Yum!


  1. Oooo. Jealous! I have two lovely little rose bushes that the staff got together and bought me when Abraham and I couldn't go to Atlixco. I _should_ be content with those, but I want _more_, always more. In perspective, I guess even when I had all those in HB, I still wanted _more_.

  2. There are *never* enough roses, ever!