Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: Some Coding, Some Crashing

Remember when I said I'd figured out areatrigger polylists?

Turns out I hadn't, not quite. There was one simple display command that I didn't know and needed in order to make quite sure the trigger covered the full area required. I spent several hours last night incrementally scootching triggers up and down in order to get them positioned just right, and reloading the game to see if they were now in place.

One reason it took so long is that the display command turned out to be one command too many for my poor little Acer One. She's a grand little computer and has worked mightily, but she's not really quite designed to handle all the programs I have open when I code, so I occasionally get the Blue Screen of Death--occasionally until last night, when I got it fairly regularly. Ultimately, things worked (more or less) after I disabled the wireless and shut down absolutely every program that I knew was not related to coding and probably wouldn't actually crash the computer if it were turned off. Whew!

Now I'm testing one of those really simple quests that turns out to be more complicated than it looks--another "I have this, do you want it, and will you pay for it?" deals that goes on and on and on as I think of possible ramifications and results and approaches. No complicated display screens, though, so the Acer's holding up ok.

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