Thursday, April 22, 2010

V: John May, a Belated Half Review

I was only half-watching John May while I formatted some stuff for coding (If you think the two activities don't mix very well, you're right), so I can't give a very detailed review.

My overall impression, though, was that this episode was an improvement over the last two. I actually found myself caring what happened to these people.

Erica got to do something other than fuss over Tyler, we found out a bit more about Tyler's past--and he now has some legitimate reason to be confused and upset, which makes him less the generic American teen, plus now there's an interesting mystery about him.

Otherwise: Sulky Terrorist, whose name I still can't remember, got to be useful, and Valerie shows signs of coming into focus as a character; I am starting to remember her name without using Google, and that is always a good sign.

Ryan is still annoying.

Anna's still scary.

And I am actually looking forward to seeing the next episode, and will probably give it my full attention.

Yes, I know We Can't Win. already aired; I'm just not that good at seeing shows on time! Very glad hulu is around.

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