Saturday, April 3, 2010

Around Newport Beach

Walked around Newport Beach after the meditations on Friday. It was a beautiful day.

This heron was standing on the roof of the restaurant on the pier. I'm not sure what kind of heron this one is; I usually see them in the wetlands. I think it might be a night-crowned heron.

Pigeons enjoying pier-side seating. I'm rather fond of the scruffy creatures (call them doves and all your problems go away). Still remember the day I visited the wetlands and a sweet-old-lady type was flailing at them with her cane because "They get in the way of the birds."

I've only seen seals on the beach a few times, though sea lions haul themselves up onto boats in the bay fairly often.

This one seemed pretty relaxed about the people walking by. Not sick-relaxed--s/he was paying attention in between naps, but not too bothered.

The last storm took away most of the driftwood, but the impulse to build remains. I liked the clothesline look of this contraption.

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