Monday, September 28, 2009

The Great Carousel Hunt: Part the VII: The Irvine Spectrum Carousel

The Irvine Spectrum Carousel is a nice, pseudo-antique carousel with lovely little images from Orange County history on the top.

It has an impressive variety of horses and a good collection of other animals to ride. As always, choosing one was difficult, but I settled on a white tiger, and my co-quester of the day chose the well-mannered, beautifully decorated brown horse next to him.

The carousel was one of the slower ones, and a little juddery in spots, but, as always, made me smile.

I didn't get as many pictures as I'd have liked because, when I came back in the evening to try to catch the end of twilight--you know the time, that moment when it's not quite dark but the lights have come on and everything is just a little more real than usual--a very polite security guard came up and informed me that, unless I was taking pictures of family members, I couldn't keep on, since the entire mall was copyrighted.

That did put a damper on things, as did the prospect of another pictureless quest entry. Fortunately, I looked at the website, and I don't think he was quite right: The mall is copyrighted, so I can't sell pictures, but images for personal use are fine (I think questing counts, don't you?).

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