Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Carousel Hunt, Part the VI: The Balboa Park Carousel

This is, I'm afraid, a belated entry, dating from last week's visit to the San Diego Zoo.

It also, of course, included a visit to the Balboa Park Carousel, my friends being kind enough to suggest stopping there first "So we don't forget." Not that I'm likely to forget a carousel, but I had confused the carousel locations, thinking I'd be riding the San Diego Park Conservation Carousel, not the lovely, antique Balboa Park Carousel. If I had remembered correctly, I would have brushed up on my facts first.

And I would have tried to figure out where the brass ring was, what it looked like, and how to grab (or try to grab) it. As it was, I had to settle for knowing this was one of the old carousels, admiring the bright orange ostriches, and t
horoughly enjoying the ride round on the zebras.

It was a long ride too, much longer than any I've been on yet--the five minute number I see on various websites may very well still be true. It's one of the faster carousels, but it doesn't whisk round the way the Long Beach Pike Carousel does.

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