Thursday, April 16, 2009

Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens by Kevin Markey

This wasn't the book I wanted.

It's got great pictures and some interesting snippets about the gardens, but it wastes a lot of space giving generalized gardening advice on the grounds that, if you follow it, you too can have a garden like the Disney gardens!

This is disappointing for several reasons. In the first place, if I had wanted a book of general gardening advice, I'd have gotten one. As it happens, I own several, as it happens, and I occasionally even do what they suggest, and sometimes, what they suggest is even helpful.

In the second place, I have no illusions about my ability to create a garden just like Disney's. I haven't got several hundred acres, I haven't got several hundred gardeners, and I haven't got the dedication. I tend, for example, to go to Disneyland instead of weeding (Except during blackout dates; these last couple of weeks have seen a lot of weeding & feeding & trimming).

And, most importantly, I wanted to read about the Disney gardens--most specifically the Disneyland gardens. I love the landscaping and was looking forward to reading more about the specific plants they have in different areas and the types of tricks they use to keep them looking good. For example, I was fascinated to see spider plants used as exotic jungle flora in the Jungle Cruise. I'd love to find out more of what they're growing in there, and I'd like confirmation for my belief that the bromeliads in the park are real.

I'd be less unhappy if this didn't appear to be the only book anyone has written about the Disney gardens.

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