Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guards! Guards!: The Broken Hourglass Ongoing

So, the first quest I wrote for The Broken Hourglass has been coded! At least, half of it is.

It would've been done sooner had I remembered the half-dozen or so guards stationed around the barracks--Qwinn and I spent a couple of days with him saying "Please send me something for the guards to say," and me saying "I sent it" and him saying "Oh good!" and then asking again for guard dialog, much to my bewilderment.

Finally, he thought to say, "No, the other guards, at which point I went back in and looked and saw that, sure enough, someone else had stationed some guards there, at an earlier point, and they do get to serve as necessary folk later on in the game, and I did need to write for them.

I'd noticed them, in a vague sort of way, a while back, and then forgot about them in a single-minded effort to get the quest done. That left 6 speechless guards standing around in an otherwise talkative city. So, with the specific set of guards located, I got their "On guard duty" lines written, some for before Important Things that I cannot elaborate on happen, and some for after, and that should be that.

*Makes note to self to watch for random figures wandering through the quests.

I figure he'll be asking me for clarification on the other half of the quest any day now--and I've another quest to revise (Oh, and did I mention, another one written? In case I haven't--and even if I have, because I'm pretty happy about it--I finished writing another one, and sent it off to be queued up for coding). So, progress is being made.

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