Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sourdough Waffle Recipe

I made this recipe for Sourdough Waffles for dinner tonight.

Verdict: It's a keeper. The waffles are light and crisp and have a good, tangy undertone from the sourdough.

Mind, I'm used to cooking for from 4-6 people, and the person posting this didn't indicate what size he meant by "serving," so I doubled the recipe, and since only 3 of us were home tonight, there are a lot of waffle squares left over. This brings up the one minor drawback to the batter: with most waffle batter, I'd make enough waffles for whoever happened to be around and then save the rest of the batter for the next day, but the waffles are nice and light because of the sourdough-baking soda reaction (without, I might add, having the overwhelming soda taste of baking soda bread), and I didn't think that would keep well.

Waffle squares toast nicely, though, and are great for taking in brown bag lunches, so it is a very minor drawback indeed.

Oh, and I used whole wheat flour for pretty much the whole amount of flour called for, and it was still light and crisp.

Never mind.

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