Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stargate: Atlantis, The Tracker & First Contact

Skipped The Queen temporarily as The Entity & Mr. Entity had warned me it was dire, and I wasn't in the mood for another bad episode just yet.

These two? Hurray! Atlantis is back! I laughed when I was supposed to laugh, was in suspense when I ought to be, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The Tracker

I can't believe it! Jennifer finally got a good episode! All the various limp strings that have been lying around actually got pulled together and crafted into a decent, believable, likable character.

Oh, and TPB actually remembered the almost-kiss with Ronon back in Quarantine. I'm not yet sure I really believe in either potential romantic pairing, but Ronon and Mckay set up a wonderful and believable rivalry that is actually in-character for both, so I look forward to seeing where this goes.

First Contact

Also a good episode, fun, suspenseful and unpredictable. I haven't been following the Atlantis news of late, so Jackson's arrival was an unexpected joy, the more so because he and McKay are bouncing off of each other very well.

Nice follow-up on the events of The Queen (I said I hadn't watched it yet, not that I didn't know what happened), and a possible new interesting twist to the characters of the Wraith. I mean, Todd has always been a fantastic character, but as The Entity commented, any relationship with the Wraith is pretty much doomed to be one-sided and thus somewhat monotonous. Now that there is a cure(?) that might actually work and that the Wraith might actually use and that Todd has actually brought up the question of "Who would we be?" if not the scourge of the galaxy there's some chance of development, with multiple motivations for the various Wraith and differing points of view among and of them.

Also, new gadgets and--maybe--a new race out there add to the tension and possibilities. Anything might happen.

And it is a to be continued, which means I have to wait! Aaah!

Oh Ugh. I looked at episodes coming up. Kolya's coming back. I was so glad when he finally, really died. He was good up to a point, but had long ago outlived his usefulness and interest as a villain. And here it turns out that he'll be back to continue his now thoroughly pointless vendetta. Bleh.

Oh well. I just watched two really good episodes and I'm not going to let this news spoil my mood (much).

Michael is also coming back, which is not so bad. He's something of a spoiled brat, but at least he's a smart spoiled brat, and he hasn't outlived his arc the way Kolya has.

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