Monday, June 2, 2008

The Excitment of *Not* Having Our Pipes Burst

Last time I was home long enough to make an entry, I mentioned the gaping holes in the walls.

At the time, I was not able to post any examples, but the saga seemed complete without them--so, if you'll look to the left, you'll see the holes.

They've actually been closed now, leaving white plaster smears which, though not aesthetically pleasing in their own right, are better than the holes themselves, though I have to admit the copper piping is kind of interesting. It just isn't my chosen decor.

And, once again, there are layers and swaths of dust everywhere--and I'm typing rather than dusting. One is more fun than the other, and I don't think you need help guessing which.
Anyway, all this has been for the joy and excitement of *not* having our pipes burst.

Truly, my mind approves of the situation: It is much, much better to take care before the damage happens. It lacks, though, the sense of urgency that makes all the dust, noise, and confusion seem necessary.

And, all right, if pressed, I will admit that I like the new hot water heater that we got out of the ordeal. Really HOT showers are a wonderful thing.

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