Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gaping Holes

It is traditional, I hear, for plumbers not to come when expected.

And, as someone who has always been fond of tradition, I am pleased to report that the plumbers taking care of our house have upheld that tradition.

They did make sure we had hot and cold running water before they left last time--and I do assure you that hot water showers are heavenly--even staying quite late one night to do so, an almost unpardonable break with tradition.

They are now, however, seeking to make up for their lapse. We played our part by making sure someone was at home at all times during the last two days. They played theirs by neither coming nor calling until this morning.

Rumor has it they'll be here Saturday to repair the gaping holes in the walls and install the new dishwasher. We, of course, will be up, dressed, and breakfasted well before their expected arrival.

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