Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Bits

I have a new MP4 player--the first I've owned or tried to use.

It's going to take some getting used to. The instructions are in something vaguely reminiscent of English and thus are no help at all. The device itself appears to operate on some system of Morse Code; one hits buttons for a long time or a short time and gets different results thereby.

I also now own the Bible on MP3. Good old Alexander Scourby's doing the reading. Yes, I've listened to some very good dramatizations, but when it comes down to it, I like books read rather than acted.

And I like the KJV.

Listening, I once again feel very sorry for Leah. Spectacularly beautiful women seem to have run in that family (Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Dinah), and she got stuck with being "tender eyed."

Joseph was a first class brat when he was younger ("Hey everyone! I dreamed you'd all bow down to me some day! Isn't that neat?!")

God's used to crazy people. Jacob lied to everyone in sight (as did Rachel at least once); Abraham couldn't wait for the right kid to come along....).


I think I'm starting to like Babylon 5 now. At least, I still haven't seen the famous Eighth Episode, but I did enjoy episodes 9, 10, and 11.

I'm still on the fence about Captain Sinclair. On the one hand, he has a gorgeous voice. On the other hand--he has a gorgeous voice. Everything is stated at full intensity. It's hard to picture this man asking someone to please pass the butter, or wondering where he put the car keys.

Oh! Just looked to see how to spell the good captain's name. Neil Gaiman wrote an episode! I'm going to have to stick around for at least that long.

Modding continues to continue. I'm rough-coding the 5th (and final) quest now. Lots still to do on that, and my co-modder has just suggested a couple of complications for the 4th quest.

Just started reading Dragonhaven. So far, it's worthy of its author.

Life's not bad.

Actually, it's pretty good.

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