Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Notebook Photos/Lab Time

I spent most of this morning & part of the afternoon in the photo lab messing around with pictures.

They have lovely, lovely Apple computers dedicated just to pictures. And, they've a marvelous pair of printers & printers & monitors are calibrated to work together. This does not mean that pictures always print out the way I decide I want them; I've used a lot of paper & spent a lot of time asking the lab instructor questions.

Like any really marvelous machine, the printers themselves are complicated and confusing. I keep thinking I've figured everything out and then learning about a new menu I need to look at. There are, for example three different places to tell the printer what kind of paper it has, and if they don't match, neither does the picture.

It's great to be in there, though, fooling around with images and watching other people do the same & discussing pictures & picture changes.

It's not something that, even a year ago, I would have thought to do, much less enjoy.

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