Saturday, May 2, 2015

Guardian article on Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

My thanks to Georgina Malcom for pointing to this lovely article by Susanna Clarke on her visit to the set of the Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell miniseries:

Susanna Clarke on the TV Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: ‘My own characters were walking about!’:

But nothing, I find, has prepared me for the sight of my own characters walking about. A playwright or screenwriter must expect it; a novelist doesn’t and naturally concludes that she has gone mad. (What do they need so many umbrellas for? Don’t they realise that they are imaginary?)

In other news, I am beginning to suspect I should rename this blog. Is "Obsessing about a miniseries" a suitable title, do you think?

In truth, I am enjoying rounding up bits and scraps and wondering. As I have every expectation of the show being worth the wait, I can be quite happy in my impatience (I still hope we get a US airdate soon, though!).

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