Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fruit and Flowers in the Garden

My bergamot is finally blooming! I planted it partly for tea purposes and partly because every book I read mentions how good the flowers are for the bees. The trouble is, in two years of growing, it has failed to flower--until today.

There have been a few ripe sungolds so far. I'm looking forward to the tomato boom!

I call this sunflower the Behemoth. Near as I can tell, the Mammoth sunflowers I grew last year hybridized with someone else's branching sunflower and this gigantic hybrid resulted. It's over 12 feet tall and is going to require an ax to get down once its blooming days are over. It actually had branches up and down almost its entire length, but several of the lower ones have broken off as we've brushed by it to tend other plants.

I mentioned earlier that I was trying wonderberries because they are a strange plant I had never heard of before. The first ones I ate were ok but nothing to write home about. This batch is about three times as big, so I'm hoping they'll be more impressive taste-wise as well.

And, of course, the roses are blooming! Here's Ebb Tide again, showing off.

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