Thursday, June 5, 2014

FangirlNation is Alive!

Several of us have been working hard behind the scenes to set up our new site, FangirlNation, FanboyNation's sister site, a place for geeky women, where we "embrace all levels or fandom, nerdery, geekdom and culture, knowing that in the end we are all passionate about something. We banish the concept of “fake geek girl” knowing every woman deserves the chance to love what she loves without being questioned for her dedication."

There are already a lot of posts up! Here are some highlights?

HanaLena Fennel's first Geek Date's Geek column.

FangirlNation's first Something Else Column, in which Nicole Ciacchella muses on being a gamer mom.

Stephanie Hayslip's fun "Gettin Loki" column, including this entry on Kentucky.

More columns to come!

My review of Apparitiions: Ghosts of Old Edo by Miyuki Miyabi, a haunting, folklore-filled series of short stories set in Japan's past.

Victoria Irwin's review of <em>In the Flesh by K. L. Zolnoski, a book that combines allegory and fantasy.

My review of Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradewy, a lovely fairy-tale influenced middle-grade fantasy (With an interview up today!

And lots and lots more--fiction, non-fiction, comic books, and movies.


Victoria Irwin's Alien-inspired feast, including a beautiful apple-creamcheese facehugger pastry.

The Mistress of Death

Our mysterious, morbid author writes on departed celebrities and any other odd topic that catches her attention, such as Eerie America by Eric R Vernor and Kevin Eads


  1. Yayyyyy! I am so sorry I'm late with my thing and I promise I will send it to you soon.