Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meet (some of) the Roses!

I'm still spending a lot of time planting seed, tending the garden, and weeding. It's all worth it, though. Here are some of the reasons:

Chris Evert is new in the garden this year. I love how incandescent the coloring is. I wouldn't have thought anything could get that fluorescent without help! The rose has a lovely smell, too. It's also supposed to be highly disease-resistant, always a plus!

The only Dark Night I'll ever love! This one is also new to me this year. I'd been resisting it for a while as it has no scent at all, but I kept gravitating toward it every time I went by, so I eventually gave in. There are enough scented roses in the garden to allow for one that isn't.

Francis Meilland. This one was added last year, and wow has it taken off! The leaves are a lovely, clean, dark, glossy green, and the flowers are a beautiful cream opening to pale pink. Also, the smell is amazing. It's extremely disease-resistant.

Just Joey has been in the garden for years and even managed the move from one garden to the other. It's still settling in, but that hasn't stopped it from blooming. And, yes, it smells great.

Incense Rose. This one can only be floated in small, floating vases, but it smells amazing, and those clusters of buds and blooms explode in the garden. Also, it's a wonderful shade of dark purple-pink (Ebb Tide is darker, but both are stunning)