Sunday, August 4, 2013

BBC One Introduces Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor

"It's so wonderful not to have to keep the secret any longer!" Peter Capaldi exclaims after being introduced as the twelfth Doctor.

It's wonderful not to have it kept. The speculation was fun for a while, but now we get to watch a specific actor, analyze his performance, and start discussing important things like "Will they let him keep his Scottish accent?" for the show.

Fans of Doctor Who may have spotted him earlier, playing Caecilius, the father in Fires of Pompeii (Hmm...Karen Gillan was first on Doctor Who there as well. Coincidence?). He also played John Frobisher inTorchwood's Children of Earth, and has a long and distinguished career outside of Doctor Who, with thirty years of acting to his credit.

What kind of a Doctor will he make? It's not clear yet. After all, as he himself says "I haven't really played the Doctor Who since I was nine, on the playground."

It's going to be fun finding out how he does as an adult. And, I must say, I'm glad he is an adult. It took me all of five minutes, if that, to decide that Matt Smith was the perfect Doctor(1), but I was rather hoping Moffat wasn't going to look for someone even younger to play this version.

Watch BBC's 6 minute introduction clip below:

By the way, I also hang out--lurk mostly--at, the nitpicking site started by ** of the Nitpicker's Guides. Once I found out who the Doctor would be, I ran over to check the responses to the news. They are there are typical, enjoyable, and emphatic.

1And I'm still going to sniffle when the Eleventh Doctor says his goodbye!


  1. Bleh. I'm not sure about this. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I was really hoping they would do something different than the white dude thing this time. :/

    1. I figure I got one of the three things I was hoping for, and by all accounts he is a good actor.

      I'm ignorant enough I had to go poking around to find out who he was while everyone else was nodding and saying "Oh, of course. Cpaldi!"