Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tomato Overload!

Isn't it glorious?

I've pretty much decided not to grow Black Princes or Black Krims next year. They are handsome tomatoes--such a lovely, smooth mahogany--but they're quite bland and a bit grainy. I thought initially that it might be the cooler weather, but heat hasn't improved their flavor.

Incidentally, most of the folks I give tomatoes to have figured this out as well. The lumpy, bumpy Brandywines, Brandy Boys, and Great Whites with their odd cracks and fissures go instantly. The Princes and Krims go--eventually.

And the cherry tomatoes? Need you ask? Sun Cherry and Sun Sugar are instant hits wherever I take them. The Black Cherries don't get given away. In fact, they don't always even make it into the house. There are some advantages to being the gardener!

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