Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pinterest: The Wyrmehole

I've started a Pinterest page! It's a group page shared by several bloggers with like interests (which means we all like almost everything).

Right now, there are three of us:

There's my blog, my hoard, a place to gather (and share) the fascinating, fun, and interesting bits and pieces of life I find lying around. This varies as I have the magpie's habit of being distracted by shiny things wherever I find them, but there are always books. Always and forever, I promise!

Then there's K. Zolnoski's site, M31, which she describes as "nerdly musings with a side of gardening." This covers everything from Neptune's new moons to hummingbirds in the backyard, from admiration of Godzilla to her own writing adventures.

And last (but not least) there'sWords Escape Me, N. Ciacchella's blog. She says, "When I was a kid, I asked for and got an electric typewriter as a present. I haven't stopped banging away at keys since. This is supposed to illustrate how passionately I've always loved writing but, really, all it does is prove that I predate technology."

We're linking our blog posts there (at least the ones with pictures!) plus sharing links to other interesting stuff we find--articles, recipes, you name it!

Travel through the Wyrmehole here. You may not find new worlds, but you'll learn a lot of interesting stuff about the one we live on now!

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